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The Declining Winter 'Belmont Slope' Shipping Update

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Hello there,

Thanks again to everyone who has pre-ordered The Declining Winter 'Belmont Slope' LP/CD.

Unfortunately, we have been advised that due to delays at the pressing plant, we are not due to take delivery of the records until 6 September.

This has meant that we have had to move the release date back to 21 September.

However, the minute that we receive the records we will begin to ship them out to you.

We understand that you will be disappointed by this news (we're disappointed too!) but frustratingly, we are at the mercy of the pressing plant's schedules and we can only offer our sincere apologies for this delay.

We hope that you will bear with us for another few weeks and thank you for your continued patience.

We'll contact you again when we begin to ship the orders.

Best wishes.

All at Home Assembly.

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