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Odd Nosdam at HOME 
wasted on a waterbed

Limited Edition Cassette


HOME_wasted tape.jpg


It might be easier to list what Odd Nosdam hasn’t achieved in his 20 years in the game…. from co-founder of legendary label Anticon to one third of avant-hop heroes cLOUDDEAD, Nosdam has released countless albums, mixtapes and remixes working with the likes of Boards of Canada, The Notwist and Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) along the way.  He first entered the Home Assembly orbit when we released his epic ‘Flippies Best Tape’ collection in 2019 and now we are delighted to bring you on cassette two of his most recent Bandcamp releases ‘HOME’ and ‘wasted on a waterbed’ as ‘Odd Nosdam is at HOME wasted on a waterbed’. 


‘HOME’ sees the hip-hop auteur in melodic mood using his endless access to rare cuts as a basis for a typically inventive series of loops, cuts and skits. Utilising similar crate digging/ beat science techniques as Madlib/Dilla/DOOM, Nosdam does it differently. It's all just that bit more stoned, that bit more psyched. Just that little more 'out there' - and we love it!


Flip over to ‘wasted on a waterbed’ and we're taken deeper down the Nosdam rabbit hole with a suite of pieces which veer wildly in mood, taking in druggy beats, lo-fi tape experiments, snatches of dialogue and straight-up hip-hop, all damaged and rusted as if the tapes had lived in a soaking basement for 20 years. 


Several different shades of the man we call Nosdam, brought to you from deep within his Berkeley lair. More adventurous beat tape construction from the master.  




Produced by Odd Nosdam @ Burnco, Berkeley 2018 - 2020.

Mastered @ Toki G, Berkeley.

Thanks mom.

wasted on a waterbed:


Produced by Odd Nosdam @ Burnco, Berkeley 2018 - 2020.

Mastered by Toki G, Berkeley.

Thanks weed.




"Get the weeeed ready!"

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