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Odd Nosdam

Flippies Best Tape

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Photograph of Odd Nosdam courtesy of 'Miss A'

This album will be released on 06 Sept 2019 and is now available to pre-order



Limited to 100 copies. Includes WAV/MP3 download


Limited to 400 copies. Includes WAV/MP3 download

A massive 66 tracks over 4 sides of wax!!

Dilla’s ‘Donuts’, since its release in 2006, has deservedly been regarded as the benchmark for adventurous beat-tape construction.

With ‘Flippies’, Odd Nosdam picks up the blueprint and takes aim at the next level.

Digging fathoms deep in the crates, his source material comes from super rare records that you’ve never heard of, many of them private pressings. From plaintive deep soul cuts, gritty chitlin’ circuit funk, blues-ey 60s garage band sessions, through to some seriously heavy psych-rock freakouts and all manner of weirdness in between, the scope of this record is mind bending. But it doesn’t stop there, mashed up into this heady brew you’ll also pick up hints of gospel, jazz, dub and spacey west coast acid. A calypso steel band even makes an appearance at one point! And the whole thing is neatly stitched together with snatches of film dialogue providing the narrative thread.

So many disparate influences could make for an unfocussed, smorgasbord of a record but Nosdam has honed his skills over the years to such a degree that these 66 tracks, 80 mins in total, have been sculpted and shaped with rapier precision into a work that is as lithe and supple as it is kaleidoscopic and exhilarating. In a word, breathtaking.

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