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A New Line (Related)

Our Lady Of Perpetual Fucking Succour

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Limited to 300 copies. Includes WAV/MP3 download.

Includes remixes.


Lossless download. Includes remixes.


Lossless download. Includes remixes.


Lossy 320kbps download. Includes remixes.

More seductive, top-shelf, minimal techno from Hood stalwart, Andrew Johnson. Digital download includes a raft of remixes from the likes of Maxim Wolzyn, Perfume Advert, Beppu, The Humble Bee and Northerner.

"'Angry' Andrew Johnson (Hood, Famous Boyfriend, The Remote Viewer) lobs a new load of gorgeous, immersive ambient techno tracks - and related remixes - over the valleys to Saltaire's Home Assembly Music label following 2014's eponymous debut LP.


His three original tracks tentatively broach the dancefloor with nods to MLZ's Lancastrian techno grit and his background in more melodic pop realms seeping thru in the airy title cut, whereas Belle En Mer Dub Night  peels off in underwater disco-house loops and Nobody's Been In Touch salutes vintage Theo.


Maxim Wolzyn provides a flickering electro-dub of the sardonically titled, sincerely stroked vibes in They're Burning Northerners Fifteen At A Time And Firing Them Into The Sky To Light Up London; his Hood pal The Humble Bee rustles up a tenderised mix of Belle En Mer Dub Night whilst Perfume Advert practically blow off the beats for a lush, poly-chromatic remix of the same elements, also heard as a torrent of industrial drums by Beppu.


Great stuff..." Boomkat

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