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Yuri Lugovskoy


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Yuri Lugovskoy's minimal, meditative practice, yields eight fuzzy, dusty pieces of looping melody and seeping filter adjustments thru to canny subbass movements and windswept modulations.

"My first encounter with Yuri Lugovskoy’s music was around two and a half years ago through his debut CD (also self-titled) on Moteer. The Ukranian artist’s sophomore album is released on West Yorkshire’s own Home Assembly label and comes in a lovely 6-panel digipak complete with a second disc which is a superb remix package featuring William Ryan Fritch, Mugwood (Antony from Isan), Brave Timbers, The Humble Bee (Craig from The Boats), Tokyo Bloodworm, Panoptique Electrical, INSECTO, Strategy, Chessie and Fjordne.


Inspired by Dub Techno, Lugovskoy strips that sound to its very core, peeling back the layers and reducing it to it’s bare elements. This minimalist reduction approach reveals the simplicity and stark beauty that lurks within the sound. Dispensing with the beats and distilling it into eight ambient works that rely on the hypnotic properties of repetition and the nuances of subtly tweaked loops. Once you’re in the overall effect becomes quite mesmerising. The dusty loops and lush atmospherics are what I imagine Gas and William Basinski would get up to in a fictional collaboration.


On the surface things appear fairly simple and I guess to a certain extent they may well be, but simplicity should never be underestimated and this is a case in point; for increased volume reveals hidden details and of course those big sub-bass frequencies deserve to be cranked up to hit their full potential. With Taylor Deupree of 12k at the mastering controls, he’s ensured everything is where it should be. At just over 30 minutes duration each track is concise and makes its statement. Many albums in this field can tend to overstay their welcome but this get’s it just right. Having said that a couple of tracks ended just as I was getting into an almost meditative zone but hey, you can always hit repeat! Recommended." Norman Records

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