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For over 30 years Richard Adams has been quietly documenting his own particular corner of the English

countryside both with Hood, the post-rock band he formed with his brother in 1991, and since 2007 with

The Declining Winter.

Recorded over a five year period and inspired by rustic English alternatives such as Talk Talk and Robert Wyatt, The Declining Winter’s latest work ‘Really Early, Really Late’ is a collection of beautiful songs, immersed in a richer sonic spectrum incorporating strings, horns and lush electronic textures, alongside Adams’ own unique guitar tones and characteristic dubby bass.

Though it retains the homespun scratchiness of previous The Declining Winter records, ‘Really Early, Really Late’ is also their most ornate. A remotely collaborative effort, the record is scattered with decorative embellishments from violinist Sarah Kemp (Brave Timbers), cellist Peter Hollo (Tangents), and

guitarist Ben Holton (epic45), among many others. Adams’ distorted whisper of a voice has never been more exposed leading to a brutally emotive and intensely personal song-suite, both raw and beautiful in equal measure.

The storybook curiosity of Mark Hollis’ work is a particular influence. Like Hollis, this music is imbued

with magical realism: beholden to nature, it hints at the mysteries lurking in mundane local landscapes

and the more remote Yorkshire moors and valleys. A record to hold close to your heart, ‘Really Early, Really

Late’ sees Adams and his collaborators emerge from the shadows with their most complete work to date.

The Declining Winter
Really Early, Really Late


2,3,6 and 8 mixed by Ross Halden at Hohm Recording Studio. 

Mastered by Joe Caithness. 

Photography by R.V. Adams. 

Sleeve by HAM. 


Title: C. Adams 

Thanks: BWC, M&D, KW and all who contributed: 


Sarah Kemp 

James Yates 

Benjamin Holton 

Robin Smith 

Peter Hollo 

Keith Wallace 

Cecilia Danell 

Matthew Jones-Green 

Julie Bisset 

Gareth S. Brown 

Martin Cummings 

Joel Hanson

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